Animated Marketing Videos

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Animated Marketing Videos

By the time 2022 rolls around, video streaming and downloads will comprise 82 percent of global internet traffic. It is no surprise that the digital world has taken the world by storm given that most consumers’ preferred type of content is in video format. Therefore, many marketers consider digital marketing animation videos as having a crucial role in their digital marketing strategies. 87 percent of these marketers use it and 88 percent of them have seen a satisfactory return on investment.

With the quick evolution of digital marketing, you don’t want to be among the stragglers. Your brand should be towards the head of the procession, blazing the trail in front of your competition. To accomplish this, you need to make videos that stand out more than the ordinary live-action ad. Animated marketing videos will make your brand more noticeable in the market, distinguishing you from the rest of the industry players.

Animated Marketing

Animated Marketing Video Examples

You need to use unique pieces of sales animation to ensure that you positively impact your target audience. Here are some examples of animation brand videos – in the form of explainers – being used to market promote the brands in their respective target markets.

Why You Should Use Animated Videos

Executives in many businesses are slowly realizing that live-action is starting to lose some of its luster in the digital marketing community. Consequently, advertisers are using digital marketing animated videos to set themselves apart from the rest of the field. At Creamy Animation, we work hand in hand with you to create a sales animation that will strengthen your brand name and increase conversions for your business.

Keeping in mind that video marketing content is the best way to convey a message about your value proposition, we collaborate with you during the conceptualization and visualization phases of making the animated marketing video.We then take over the reins and apply our technical know-how to give you a sales animation that suits your brand’s needs.

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How to Create an Animated Video

For a large majority of marketers, video is in the driving seat when it comes to fulfilling the milestones of a well-drawn digital marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can make digital marketing animated videos for your business.

1. Write a Solid Brief

Once you’ve established your goals for the YouTube video and have a clear plan, you’re going to need a video script. The video script is the most important part of the video because it will determine the overall tone of the video.

A well written video script is half done. With a badly written script, even the most amazing visuals will not save your video, just ask the makers of the movie Mars Needs Moms. Unless you’ve some experience writing script for video, it’s best to find someone who can do the script writing for you.

If you prefer take the DIY scriptwriting route, we created an article on how to write the perfect explainer video script. This article will help you no matter what type of video you’re trying to make.

2. Write a Script

With the core message in hand, you can then proceed to write the script that your animated brand videos will follow. The core message helps you to create the story that you tell in the video.

The story comprises three elements – the hook, body and call to action. The hook is where you grab the attention of your target audience. In the body, you furnish more information about the issues you raised in the hook. Finally, you round off the video with the call to action.

With these three elements of the story in place, you can then craft a script to envision how you’re going to bring this story to life.

3. Draw A Storyboard

While script tells how the story is going to appear, the storyboard actually shows a rough depiction of what the sales animation will look like at the end of production. Not only does it guide the production crew but it also shows the other stakeholders what the finished product will most likely look like.

In essence, a storyboard appears like a rough-hewn comic strip, showing the different actions of the characters and the types of shots to depict them. In other words, a storyboard enables you to craft the look of your video – allowing you to arrange the different scenes to come up with the vision you want.

4. Select An Animation Style

You can pull off different styles of animation to depict your value proposition in the way that you want. Each style of animation has its own qualities that lend it well to different kinds of goals for the video in question.

The styles of animation include:

  • Cartoon / 2D animation which is a style that depicts cartoons in the conventional sense.
  • Whiteboard animation, a style that is most frequently used to explain more complex concepts. It usually entails an artist’s hand scribbling drawings on a blank surface, hence the name.
  • Motion graphics, a style that includes using animated text and graphics to create a story and explain concepts.

When making digital marketing animated videos, this trio of animation styles is the most frequently used. Because each style has its advantages, you should choose one that most represents your brand’s story and vision.

5. Create The Animation

You now know your story; you’ve created a script and sketched a storyboard to guide you. You can now finally animate your video. If you have the resources to set up an in-house team to animate your animation brand videos, you can go through this entire process with them. The advantage here is that your team is steeped in your company culture and more than likely knows how to infuse this in your sales animation pieces.

On the other hand, if you have limited resources and can’t have an entire animation department within your marketing division, you can engage the services of an outfit that offers corporate video animation and production. Animation studios are well-equipped to handle your project and bring it to life. You can collaborate with their personnel to dream up a concept and the overall look of the resultant animation marketing video.

Alternatively, if your books of accounts dictate that you should tighten your belt, you can do the animation yourself. The internet is awash with apps and software tools that can help you to create digital marketing animation videos even when you’re overly experienced in that field.

6. Add Background Music

Without a score, your animation marketing videos feel unfinished. Even the best transitions and animation effects, the lack of background music renders your video ineffective. Choosing the right score to add to your piece can be a difficult undertaking in and of itself. This is because selecting the perfect music to accompany your video is a strenuous process.

However, you can simplify the task by examining your brief. What kind of emotion do you want to elicit in your audience? After identifying this emotion, you can then identify a few tracks that can successfully evoke this feeling in your target market. Take care when choosing your desired score. Ensure that the music you pick embargoed by copyright laws. If you don’t have the resources to clear the recording with the publishing party, you can always look out for similar music that’s free for use for commercial purposes.

7. Add A Voiceover

The purpose of digital marketing animation videos is to present your target market with a message from your brand. While the motion pictures and graphics of the animation are captivating, they don’t really deliver the full message. Voice-over offers a full explanation. Including them in the video ensures that your audience gets the entire experience as you intended. Additionally, the voice-over usually contains the call to action.

You can either hire a professional voice-over artist or you can narrate your own brand story over the animation. Remember to speak in a lively, upbeat and engaging manner to ensure that you engage your audience.

Final Thoughts

Animation brand videos are a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. To elevate your brand, make them part of your content.Creating these kinds of videos involves a few steps. All you have to do is create a brief before writing the script. Sketch your storyboard to guide the animation style of your choosing. The final part is sound; choose a score and do the voice-over to complete the video.

Interested in making animated marketing videos for your business? Contact Creamy Animation for a free consultation.