Animation Production Process

Our well thought out video production process.

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We’ve refined our animation production process to make it easy to follow

We’ve developed and refined our video animation production process over the years. Our collaborative approach involves you in every stage of production.

A typical 1-2 minute explainer video or whiteboard video takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. More complex videos may take longer, however we do take rush projects, based on availability.

Animation Production Process

  1. Initial Video Consultation

Yes, our consultations are free for you and a delight for us.

First, we take time to get to know you, understand what you do, your target audience, and your purpose for creating a video. We establish a set of goals for your project and set reasonable timelines.

Based on our experience, we provide insight into what we see as the best way to help you create video content that will deliver great results. We discuss production costs and provide a quote for your project. Once the timelines, costs and vision align, we move on to the next stage.

We sign a contract, collect the initial deposit, and kickoff the project.

Script Writing Process

2. Script Writing and Concept Development

A great video is as powerful as the story and script behind it. The script is the most important stage of the process because it determines the overall direction of the video.

Once we have the concept locked in, we start developing a compelling explainer video script that connects with your audience and evokes your desired action.

We do respect the fact that some prefer writing their own script — which is still fine. Unless you’ve written a video script for animation before, we recommend providing the content and let our script writers do the heavy lifting.

We then present a draft script and solicit your feedback to make sure we’re in the right direction. We make edits based on your input until the script is good to go.

Storyboard Development

3. Storyboard Development

The storyboard is a sequence of sketches organized scene by scene with dialogue and action notes. The storyboard provides insight into our vision of how we would like to tell the story.

Just like a movie in production, the storyboard gives you a visual perspective of the final video. It can be edited and polished based on your feedback and our input until we feel the direction of the story is perfect.

Not perfect in the literal sense, since the visuals are only sketches of the final video. Once approved, we create style frames and make final illustrations ready for animation.


4. Professional Voiceover

If you’re using voiceover for your videos, it’s important to know that the voiceover is the driving force behind your video. When choosing a voiceover, we need to make the sure that the voice we use is able to deliver the right tone and inflections.

The right voice will help you easily connect with your audience and deliver your message clearly. We have experience working with hundreds of voice talent from around the world and have come to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Once we you agree on the tone of voice we’re using, male or female, we’ll send you recommended voice talent to choose from. You’re free to provide your own, if you have one.


5. Animation

Animation is where all the graphics, images, text are put into motion to create the final animated video. This is a very important stage of our storytelling process. Animation is a painstaking and time consuming process that should never be rushed. When done right, your video will help tell your story well.

Sometimes you have several animators skilled in 2D animation, frame-by-frame and 3D animation, but not every video requires all three styles. Harnessing the power of multiple animation styles requires bigger teams, higher budgets and more flexible timelines.

The animation, voiceover and sound effects are then combined to create the final rendered video.

Final Video Delivery

Finally you get your completed video in high quality 4k or HD format. We can provide any video format based on your needs. If your video is destined for TV the final format would be different than if you were creating for online use only.

So, it’s important that we know your final medium before we begin. Once the video is approved and agreed payments are made, as the client, you assume full copyright to the final video.

If you need help leveraging your video content to deliver the best results, we can also help you with that.

Checkout our portfolio to see some of the videos we’ve recently worked on.

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