What’s The Best Explainer
Video Style For Business?

Explainer Video Style

You might have seen or read success stories of businesses, and after executing a good video marketing strategy, they have improved considerably. But when you try to make a great explainer video for your business, you are unaware of the process and method to make one.

It does not matter if you are a start-up business or a large organization; you need to include enticing and engaging videos to your marketing strategy. Videos are more engaging, making them more capable of grabbing the attention of visitors. Various small-scale businesses have risen to stardom after launching their best start-up videos. Businesses have seen effective results when they use animated videos on their website’s landing page, recruitment pages, and even on their product catalogs.

Why Are Explainer Videos So Important?

Today people on the internet seek convenience. They are more likely to watch a well-made 10-minute video rather than reading just 200 words worth of text about a company. That is why you should collaborate with a company that provides professional video animation services.

In order to accomplish various goals and targets, you have many options and types of explainer videos. You need to select from those video types depending on which suits your message and business in a better way.

With a professional-looking video, you can launch your new product, boost your sales, and build your brand, and everything that is possible to support your business and marketing campaigns. Different companies have different goals and needs. That is why it is essential for you to include a new explainer video every time you want to boost your marketing campaign.

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But before deciding on what is the right type of explainer video for your business, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What goal am I trying to achieve?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What would be the message of my video?
  • Do I have the budget necessary to create a video?

Types Of Explainer Videos

The best online animation creator attempts to understand the idea and message that you want to convey to your targeted audience. After that, the creator chooses or recommends a perfect style of animation video that helps in boosting maximum engagement and triggers conversions. Here are some of the most common types of explainer videos:

  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Character Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Live-Action
  • 3D Animation

The animation styles mentioned above are widely popular. B2B as well as B2C Businesses usually use such videos to better connect to their audience. The first reason behind animated explainer videos’ popularity is that they are simple to understand. Characters bring emotions. The characters and scenes that are the basic elements of the animation have more depth than any other ordinary explainer video.

You can use real or fictional characters in your video. However, if you are creating a 2D animation, then colorful and funny characters will work best in grabbing the attention of your audience. Everybody loves to watch cartoons, and that is the reason why we never skip a video with interesting characters. You can use such type of explainer videos for your recruitment and landing pages.

Explainer Video Style

1. Motion Graphics

When you are making a video to promote a complex product or service, then motion graphics in your video can help better explain the product to the audience. This happens because a demo video animation will help your audience understand the complicated features of your products.

With the help of motion graphics, you can easily show your audience how your products or services work. Motion graphics give you an opportunity to create an excellent explainer video. You can increase the engagement of an explainer video significantly by adding animated motion graphics and sound effects.

2. 2D Cartoon Animation

2D cartoon animation is an attractive way of delivering your messages to the audience. It is not important that your animation looks realistic; it can look fun and goofy if it fits the tone of your product. When your story is appealing and well crafted, even stick figures will deliver the message in a beautiful way.

You should deliver a few of your messages through animated characters so that your audience can better relate to them. The biggest advantage of using animated characters is that you can better illustrate your customer’s problems as well as how they can solve this problem.

3. Whiteboard Animation

Another type of animation for illustrating sophisticated cycles and processes in an interesting way is whiteboard animation. Mostly used by non-profit organizations and corporations, this style works especially well with explainer videos. People use this explainer video for educational or content and training purposes.

Many businesses also use this type of animation to present the history of their company or highlight their past and present achievements. The following are some awesome whiteboard animation videos that’ll leave you feeling inspired. You need to make sure that your audience is ready to watch this type of explainer animated video. You can also view how to make whiteboard animation videos from this link.

4. Live-Action

This is the oldest type of explainer video. With these videos, you can show a more human side of your company, which is why many businesses still shoot live-action videos today. With live-action videos, you can show your audience that your company is a lot more than computers and software. Companies also run live stream Q/A session so that they can connect with their potential customers.

You can create a meaningful connection with your audience with this type of explainer video. With live-action videos, you can recruit dedicated talent or even establish your credibility in the industry. You can also collaborate with influencers in the industry to increase credibility.

Many creative video production companies arrange famous models for your explainer videos so they can act out for your business. However, not every business in the video production industry has the most experienced crew to shoot live videos.

You can also go a few steps further and blend animation and live videos together. You can come up with unlimited variations and endless possibilities in order to make an interesting video. For instance, you can create an animated character that asks questions and interacts with real people.

5. 3D Animation

Are you ready to take your animated explainer videos to the next level? Then you should start using 3D animation. There are endless possibilities when you choose 3D animation to make an explainer video. If you have the budget to create a 3D animation, it is one of the best styles of animation to use.

How To Make The Best Animated Explainer Video

Animated videos are an essential tool for marketing in any business, no matter the services or products they deal with. You can share more information with a custom animated video than plain text or an infographic. Now that you know about the different animation styles and to use them to promote your business, here are a few important things that you should consider:

1. Budget

The most important thing that you should consider before making an explainer video is your budget. Only choose the production company that can produce the best explainer video for your marketing campaign, but do not exceed your budget. Many animation services use low-cost design components and pre-designed animations, which can greatly reduce the cost of creating a video.

2. Quality And Expertise

Not all animation companies produce high-quality videos. To check if the explainer video creator is right for you, check their testimonials and portfolio. A professional animated video production company includes a team of qualified technicians and storytellers. If you are looking for a hard-hitting script and crisp audio, choose the production companies with the best quality videos.

3. Communication

When a business fails to communicate their true objectives to a video production company, they fail to achieve productive results. Therefore, you should always communicate effectively and address through open dialogue all the key issues that your explainer video will include.

Benefits Of Explainer Videos

You may feel difficulty in explaining sophisticated services and products to your audience. When you include a video in your campaign, you can easily promote the method of using a product as well. It all depends on the needs of your business. Here are the best ways to help you promote your marketing campaign with explainer videos:

1. Generates More Interest

Various studies have proved that businesses can create a curiosity for their online visitor by highlighting their company’s history, work culture, and products through videos. Since the human mind leans more towards visuals than plain text, if you want to generate more interest and grow your number of customers, then you should use videos to promote your campaigns and surprise your audience.

2. Improved SEO Rankings

Every business wants to achieve higher rankings on SERPs to bring in more customers. But how can you achieve a favourable spot on Google? Making a video and posting it online is not enough to promote your brand. You will also need to optimize your video so that you can achieve a decent position in search engine rankings. Moreover, as Google and YouTube are linked together, you should upload content on your YouTube channel for the best results.

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The Best Place To Showcase An Explainer Video

Other than YouTube, you can also publish and promote your explainer videos on below-mentioned pages on your website:

1. Landing Pages

You can provide information about your product to the visitors of your website by posting a video on your landing page. By choosing the best animation type for your company, you can create an interesting landing page with explainer videos.

2. Career Pages

You can also create explainer videos to promote the recruitment drive. Businesses attract potential employees by showing their work culture through a combination of animated and live-action explainer videos.

3. Blog

If your website includes a blog section, then you can place your explainer videos in that section. Video content can also greatly increase overall viewership of your as people share, like, and subscribe. You just need to stick to the voice of your brand.

4. Social Media Pages

You can also create explainer videos to promote the recruitment drive. Businesses attract potential employees by showing their work culture through a combination of animated and live-action explainer videos.

Now just imagine how your conversion rate will improve when thousands of users share your explainer video on their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. As you can also connect all these platforms to your official website, you can generate more organic traffic and improve your conversion rate.

End With A Call To Action

A video cannot be much effective if it does not include a call to action. If you are making a video, it should promote an activity that helps the business or channel. This can be something as simple as asking them to like, subscribe, or share, or even asking them to fill out a form.

Explainer Video Type

Why Should Every Business Create An Explainer Video

If you consider the statistics, you will find that a business can be at the top of Google pages if they are using video content. But this trick doesn’t work with every video. For that, you need to collaborate with a good video production company to produce the best animation video as well as to increase your engagement and sales.

Select with a production company that you are comfortable working with. Check their clients and portfolio. The best animation companies discuss the process they follow for when creating videos, which includes brainstorming to production

Collaborating with the best animation creator company is the secret to creating a successful explainer video for your business. With a professional video, you can engage many customers and also introduce your business with new groups of customers. You can use your explainer video on social media, landing page, and email marketing.

For instance, if your target audience is predominantly from a single country or a community, you can produce a video that describes the social and cultural values of those people. This will create a positive bond between your company and your targeted audience. Your goal to create an explainer video will help you is selecting the right explainer video for your content.

Creating your own video is an efficient way to generate a long-lasting impression on your audience. To build a spark of interest among your targeted audience, you can end the video with an open-ended question. So that your audience will share or comment on the video.

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Now, as you are aware of everything that you need to know about choosing the right explainer video for your marketing campaign, you need to execute the process by hiring the best animation production company to help you create your first animated video. The best animation studios contain the finest storytellers and animators to produce high-quality explainer videos based on your requirements.