How To Create A Startup
Video For Your Business

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Create A Startup Video

Startups never have it easy, no matter the industry they are in. Competing with long-standing companies is no easy feat, seeing how they have the upper hand almost any way you look at it. The only place where startups have the upper hand is with customer care, and the very relatable feel they have.

Since startups don’t have much of a chance against bigger companies in the first place, they will have to make a stunning first impression. And one of the best first impressions a new company can make is with their startup video.

Startup Video

What Is A Startup Video?

A startup video, as the name implies, is a short video that shows off your business idea, brand, and/or product in a simple and entertaining way. In a minute or two, you will not only have to grab the viewers’ attention, but you will also have to convince them that you are the solution they have been looking for.

These videos are fast, simple, and straight to the point. They make use of engaging animations, quick cuts and edits, as well as fast visuals. While it may seem like a stretch to convince a customer about all of these things in such a short time, it is more than possible with the right video.

Why Create A Start Video In The First Place?

Marketing has evolved significantly, as companies and brands fight for time on a user’s screen. In other words, you compete with every company for your audience’s time, even if they are not your direct competitor. So to keep customers engaged and coming back for more, you will need to use videos as a marketing tool.

Text and stagnant pictures, while certainly great as well, simply don’t compare to smooth and fun-filled videos. Moreover, videos are a lot more relatable than other marketing tools and show a more human side of your company. This contrasts with marketing tools like posters and stilted ads, that can feel oddly distant, and like they came straight out of a marketing machine.

Creating A Video Content Marketing Strategy

A good thing to remember about marketing is that content is king, and the king always converts leads. According to Oberlo, companies can increase their qualified leads by 66% every year. Oberlo also mentions that of all the internet users in the US, 85% watched some form of online video content. Therefore to capitalize on this massive market, you will need a bulletproof content marketing strategy.

Lucky for you, your startup video doesn’t have to follow a very linear path, as there are a lot of different styles for you to choose from. You can make an animated video, a DIY video, or even produce a live video. And with animations, you have plenty of types to choose from without having to worry about feeling too similar to other campaigns.

Here are a few things to remember when setting up your content marketing strategy.

1. Set Clearly Defined Goals

When starting out a business, it can be very easy to become overly ambitious. And while ambition is certainly the name of the game when it comes to business, you also have to keep your feet on the ground and head out of the clouds.

When deciding on the video you want to make, other than factors like customer preference, you will also have to consider your budget and time. And by setting realistic goals for your campaign, you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t go well but will be ecstatic when it does.

Make A YouTube Video

2. Choose Your Type Of Video

After getting a harsh reality check from your accountant, it’s time to choose the type of video that you will use for your marketing campaign. Keep your realistic goals in mind, and see what type of video better fits the goals you have in mind.

Some of these types include docuseries, branded videos, testimonials, interviews, and personalized videos. And these are just a few types of videos that you can make for your marketing strategy.

3. Make A Script

A script is an essential part of your startup video, as it holds everything together. Think of your script as a foundation for the rest of your video. It is very much the glue that holds your ambition together because a good script with smart and witty writing can alleviate a video with bad visuals. However, a video with very good visuals doesn’t make up for a bad script with stilted writing.

When writing a script, start out with a rough draft. It’s always good to start out with a general idea of what you want in the video and refine the script until it is right.

startup video maker

4. Plan Where To Upload And Promote Your Videos

When the script and the video are ready, it is time to choose where the video will go. Though it goes without saying that you will obviously add this video to every social media channel your company has, you will have to choose where to promote the videos. As a startup, your marketing budget may not allow you to promote your video on every social media platform.

Therefore, you will have to choose where to sponsor your videos, depending on your target audience. For example, if you are looking to target teenagers between the age of 13 and 16, then sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat are the way to go. Hence, keep age demographics in mind before choosing your platform.


The process of setting up your startup video can be stressful enough to distract you from other company responsibilities. Find the right animated video production company to to help you create an effective video.