How to Create Non Profit Videos

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Non Profit Video Making

Non profit video making is increasingly becoming popular as more non profit organizations look for ways to increase their visibility online.

Video content is the most effective tool to promote your business. We have all the statistical evidence to prove how online video marketing is ruling the industry now.

Here are some staggering statistics to prove the success of video marketing:

  • Approximately a third of the time people spend online goes into video watching
  • 92% of the video consumers online share useful content with their contacts
  • Stats prove that 80% of people watching videos tend to remember them even thirty days after it.
  • Video ads tend to draw 75% interaction from people who watch it.
  • Videos impact the decision making process of nearly 90% viewers.

While producing profitable videos is still relatively manageable, non profit video production can be quite challenging. But there is a lot of hope for the beginners. Stats from Google show that 57% of people who watch non profit videos online proceed to make donations.

This success rate is enough to convince everyone that making non profit videos is possible and earning success in those achievable too.

Non Profit Video

How to Make a Non Profit Video

Here are some helpful tips for your non profit video making:

1.    Outline Specific Objectives Prior to Production

Before making your non profit video, clearly outline what your objectives are. They can be as follows:

  • What the video should achieve
  • Issue you want to raise awareness about
  • Are you making the non profit video to create hype about a specific mission?

By listing down these clear objectives you get a clear direction for proceeding. The goals become your guiding light and you can decide whether you want to go viral or earn 100 signups.

Non Profit Videos for Social Media Marketing

When creating content for your non profit videos, make sure to optimize them as per the requirements of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram etc.

These are the most popular social media channels and your primary aim must be to raise awareness through you video here. Hence, meeting their optimization requirements will ensure you video will publish faster and attract the right attention.

Non Profit Animation

3.    Budgeting and Professionalism

Do not neglect professionalism even if it’s a non-profit video. Regardless of what your mission is, you can only draw the attention of the right people with your professional attitude. For non profit animation videos, many usually have a very limited budget to work with. In case you are unable to enlist the services of a professional for your non-profit video, you can use other effective alternatives.

For example, using a slideshow, animation, editing in pre-recorded footages and illustrations will keep your video production from getting sloppy. From all the explainer video examples we have till now, we can see quite evidently that simple yet effective videos are far more successful.

By getting overly ambitious, your non profit video will not turn out well and fail to deliver your message too.

4.    Research Extensively for Your Video

Non-profit videos do not following a streamlined theme. Hence, if you’re aiming for an amazing video production, you must first take notes from other successful non-profit video makers. Research extensively to see what others have done and how their videos have succeeded. Take inspiration but at the same time give your video-making team the freedom to use their talents too. Let your focus be on maintaining a level of realism and making the most of thirty-second spot in the absence of a huge budget.

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5.    Content Structure

This part becomes clearer when you have outlined your goals well enough at the start of the project. For every non profit video, you need to start out with concrete ideas. Then you must envision your story and how you want to narrate it.

Once you complete that bit, you can focus on the illustration of your message and the footages you require. When laying the structure of your content, here are some helpful pointers you can use:

  • Aim for an emotional impact in your video, if your main purpose is to attract donators for your cause. For this objective, you can include interviews in the video, highlighting the kind of work your organization is into.
  • For non profit videos, we find it imperative to include a call to action. You want viewers to realize the problem you’re highlighting and contribute to solving it. The best way they can do that is by participating in your drives, donating or re-sharing the video.
  • Non profit videos are also primary opportunities of educating the masses about your work history, what field you are contributing to etc. It showcases the problems your organization is addressing. By incorporating narration, real footages and infographics, you can illustrate your points and create a greater impact.
  • Since your primary goal is to spread the word far and wide, make sure your video is understandable to audiences of every demographic. You only need to add subtitles to increase the understandability level of your videos.
Non profit Video Making

6.    Create A Storyboard

Regardless of how many stick figures your storyboard has, it is vital to your video making process. We know how some video makers can get overly enthusiastic about launching into production and that’s a great idea honestly.

However, we also believe that taking the time to build your storyboard first will ensure greater success for your amazing ideas. A storyboard tends to project your excellent ideas even better in non profit videos.

7.    Find the Right Platform

The purpose of your non profit video does not end by uploading it on one popular platform or two. The best approach is to reach out to relevant community authorities so that they target the audience you want.

This approach will help leverage promotions for your video and also lower the barriers for the audiences. You must bring as many supporters on board from targeted communities who can help spread your word to their followers collectively. They will have a wider outreach than you and may create more awareness successfully for your mission.

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Final Thoughts

Online video marketing is no longer for profitable causes only. Many are now making widespread use of digital video tools for raising awareness on a lot of issues, including racial conflicts, discriminations etc.

Non profit animation videos are the most effective medium for narrating a story beautifully and meaningfully. With some of the best video marketing tools to assist you, making a non profit video is easier than before.