Animation Services

Animation services for businesses, governments, and non-profits.

Animated Explainer Videos

Use an explainer video to engage your audience and boost conversions.


Our explainer video services are designed to help you explain your business product, service or idea — engaging your audience to connect with them on an emotional level. Promote your organization effectively through our storytelling videos embedded with all the right key triggers to convert your prospects into customers and audience into fans.

Explain what you do with short animated explainer videos. Use it to either promote your business, explainer how something works — the list is endless. An explainer video is your elevator pitch — the why-we-matter short, to the point message. No-matter how complex, we’ll simplify it to the level your audience can understand.

Training & Educational Videos

Training and Educational videos are an essential component of every organization.


Our training explainer video services help you educate your audience and train your employees with the most effective single tool you can leverage, video. We have the creative juice to make your tutorials connect with your audience and drive the message home.

Simplify life with an easy-to-understand educational video. Make a Demo video on how to use your product. Why? Because people retain 80% more information with video than when they read on the same topic. Make a training video that equips your employees and empowers your audience.

Marketing Videos

Video is the most powerful digital marketing tool right now.


Every effective video marketing campaign needs a strategy. We’ll help you create a video marketing strategy based on what you desire to achieve. Leverage our extensive experience in video production, online marketing, and advertising for optimum results.

Video marketing is an essential component of your company’s marketing mix. Delivering compelling video content in an ongoing process that requires a carefully thought out strategy. Developing a clear plan on what role video will play helps you easily incorporate video into your overall marketing plan. Let’s help you get started.

Startup Videos

Launch your Startup with an engaging video to clearly conveys your value proposition.


Wish so many being created everyday, how do you cut through the clutter and get your message heard? Our startup explainer video services help you create a startup explainer video that solely focuses on bringing clarity to what your startup is all about and the value your idea will provide to your customers.


Whiteboard Animation

Our Whiteboard Animation video production services are fast and effective.


Our Whiteboard animation services are the most popular, with an intuitive animation style to deliver your message quick and easily. We use custom made character designs and graphics that are unique to your business and message you want to communicate.

Unlike other cookie cutter DIY video animation websites, Creamy Animation creates story-driven marketing videos that will yields the results you expect. Take a look at some of the whiteboard animation videos we’ve made.

Corporate Videos

Your corporate video reveals who you are and why you do what you do.


Use a corporate video to build brand awareness and create a bond between your business and your customers. Our video styles include cartoon animation, motion graphics, whiteboard video, and live action. A corporate video is an important component for building brand equity and trust with your customers.

Need To Create A Video?

We’ll be happy to create a custom solution for your needs