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Video Websites

Video websites such as YouTube are becoming increasingly popular by the day, mostly because the needs of people are changing all the time. In order to fulfill these needs, there are many YouTube alternatives for users. Many of them have functions you won’t be able to find on this platform.

Of course, choosing the best video website is quite debatable. So when we talk about video websites like YouTube, the market is not as crowded as people might expect. In addition to YouTube being the second biggest search engine on the internet after Google, if you are not utilizing this free platform to share your messages, you should start immediately.

YouTube Alternatives

YouTube, without a doubt, is the king of video hosting and sharing platforms. However, other platforms and companies are slowly reaching the heights of their Google-backed competitor.

A number of platforms work similarly to YouTube now. In fact, some alternatives have various features that make them considerably better in certain situations. Moreover, since six out of ten individuals chose to spend time on video sites rather than watching traditional TV, you can tap into this market with relative ease.

In this article, we will highlight some alternatives to YouTube, especially websites that have more options for data security, payment plans, accessibility, download modes, and sharing.

Need To Make A Youtube Video?

Along with providing great resources to the people watching, YouTube also plays an essential role in helping businesses promote their products and brands. If your business decides to make quality YouTube marketing videos and advertise on the platform, you can drive more traffic to your website.

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Here is a list of Video platforms other than YouTube:

  1. Vimeo
  2. Twitch
  3. Veoh
  4. The Internet Archive
  5. Netflix
  6. IGTV
  7. Metacafe
  8. 9Gag TV
  9. Hulu
  10. Dailymotion

1.    Vimeo

Center Point for Independent Filmmakers and Videographers

Since its foundation, Vimeo has been an incredible substitute to YouTube but has always favored quality over quantity. Although this website is a direct comparison to YouTube, it functions very differently. The editorial staff at Vimeo makes sure that users get the best quality videos when they visit.

When working with Vimeo, you have options ranging from Pro to Premium plans. You also get seven TB of storage data, depending on your usage.

Video-based websites such as Vimeo are more than a platform to upload videos. These websites act as a portal for cinematographers, editors, filmmakers, and graphic designers to create their video content and seek support for their careers.


2.    Twitch

Gamers Arena

Live video streaming sites such as YouTube fail in comparison to Twitch. This multilingual platform owned by Amazon is a go-to site, especially for gamers. Twitch is amazing for live-streaming games, no matter if you are an amateur or professional. Furthermore, this website does not include irritating advertisements.

Twitch also facilitates professional gaming events, for instance, the E-Sports World Convention (ESWC) and World Cyber Games (WCG). After making an account on Twitch, you can either watch gameplay videos of other streamers, or you can go live. Furthermore, you can view all the gaming styles that professional gamers are adopting in real-time.


3.    Veoh

 Simplicity and Compatibility

Veoh is another popular video site that maintains its status by helping content creators achieve new heights of fame quickly. Right now, Veoh has gathered millions of users on its platform. But the flexibility to share videos is not equal for all users.

With the social feature, you can share videos with your family and friends in an easy way. Veoh allows you to easily find whatever you are looking for, unlike YouTube, which has a confusing dashboard. In addition, you can upload a file of any length. Veoh has a traditional look, but it contains many amazing and interesting videos.

A goldmine of Old Content

When you are looking for a website with old videos, there is no better site out there than the Internet Archive. However, the foundation of this website begun with very few content creators, but still, it serves as a complete library. Obviously, they do not have many of the options that YouTube has, one of which is subscribing. The subscription feature of YouTube encourages channels and their viewers with greater interaction.

With this website, you can access the old films from the golden eras of the 30s and read rare books. The website also includes software programs and music.


4.    Netflix

Stream Endless Films and TV shows

Netflix has recently become one of the best YouTube substitutes. Until February 2020, Netflix stood at 182.8 Million subscribers. It is no secret that Netflix has conquered every household with their 4K content streaming. With Netflix, you have the option to download your favorite movie or TV show and watch it whenever you want.

Netflix is currently offering an unbelievable number of movies and TV shows all over the world. Furthermore, Netflix is also producing and distributing Oscar-worthy movies such as ROMA. As we see that physical media is declining, we can switch to Netflix as a major entertainment content provider.


5.    IGTV

The New Form of Viewing and Sharing Content

IGTV, by Instagram, challenges websites like YouTube, which are popular among smartphone users. IGTV has a plethora of features that are easy to use and designed to look simple. You can also integrate your Instagram followers for targeted videos.

However, most content creators are in love with IGTV, as it also offers a huge following of celebrities on the platform.


6.    Metacafe

Short and Sweet

If you prefer short video content to longer videos, Metacafe is the best alternative to YouTube. With this platform, you can watch 90-second videos that people post from all around the world.

Metacafe has a huge variety of reviews, how-to videos, and general fun content. The visuals are non-professionals helping viewers to easily use any time of the day.


7.    9Gag TV

Endless Uncompromised Entertainment

9Gag is another substitute for YouTube, and this platform is very popular between millennials and generation Z. However, some of the content on 9Gag TV may be NSFW, but it is not enough to stop people from viewing trending topics about pop-culture.

The ironic quality of the videos posted on 9Gag makes this platform even funnier and entertaining. According to many people, 9Gag is the pioneer that revolutionized the world through memes in the form of gifs.


8.    Hulu

Premier Streaming Service

With Hulu, you can access the most celebrated shows and movies that aren’t available on Netflix. Furthermore, the content posted on Hulu is adult-oriented content. They have also revised their latest video site based on the needs of their viewers.


9.    Dailymotion

Scrambled Substitute to YouTube

Although the content features and privacy guidelines of Dailymotion are not as attractive and layered as that of YouTube, it is still one of the best video platforms to use.  Its interface is very similar to the mobile version of YouTube and various other sites.

If you do not care about a professional layout similar to YouTube, this won’t bother you. The team at Dailymotion is building an application for mobiles, which will be easy to navigate and allow viewers to switch back and forth, just like top online video sites.


If you are looking for websites that are an alternative to YouTube, the above-mentioned platforms are the best recommendations. After all, popular video websites such as YouTube will always exist.

However, the reason for YouTube to remain a successful website for video content is also because of Google’s algorithm. With this, we can understand that other websites like YouTube need to understand and explore more about the type of content that viewers are looking to consume.