Whiteboard Animation Videos
And How To Make Your Own

Whiteboard Animation Videos

There are many reasons for the popularity of whiteboard animation videos. The first reason numerous businesses are considering whiteboard animations is that it is effective and easy. This type of animated video is changing the way companies approach marketing. Here at Creamy Animation, we help businesses produce their own hand-drawn animated videos for marketing purposes.

Whiteboard animations can increase viewership by 15% compared to normal conversational videos. Moreover, these videos also motivate viewers to share with more than 65%. Imagine how beneficial whiteboard animated videos can work for your business.

You can use whiteboard animation videos for many reasons. These include introducing your product or services, selling an idea, or teaching your customers more about your business. There are endless possibilities when using whiteboard animated videos.

Whiteboard Animation

In this article, you will understand:

  1. What is a Whiteboard Animation?
  2. Is Whiteboard Animation the right style of animation for your business?
  3. How can you make a hand-drawn whiteboard animation video?
    • Animation Script
    • Storyboard Sketches
    • Illustrations
    • Voiceover
    • Character Animation
    • Video Editing
  1. Common mistakes when producing whiteboard animation
  2. Top five companies that create whiteboard animation
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Conclusion

What Is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a style of animated video that uses hand-drawn animation on a white background. In some cases, the script of whiteboard animation is structured in a way that narrates a third-person point of view.

The whiteboard artist sketches on a whiteboard during the creation process. The video also includes a voiceover that describes the drawings and concepts. It is also the reason why whiteboard videos, such as tutorials, are also known as animated explainer videos.

Whiteboard Animation Examples

In this article, you will find some whiteboard animated videos that you can consider. You need to make sure the whiteboard animation you are creating communicates your message clearly.

Why Write An Article On Whiteboard Animation?

The main reason to write this article is to give you detailed information about whiteboard animation. Using this information, you can create these types of videos for your business. You can easily follow and understand our step by step process. You can use software to create a video by yourself or hire a professional video production company.

Whiteboard Animation in Marketing

The reason why whiteboard video marketing is so popular is that it combines words and pictures in an engaging and entertaining format. This format of marketing helps explain your product or business in detail. These videos are simple and gain the viewer’s attention. If you have ever seen an animated whiteboard video, you can feel it grasping more of your attention with each passing second.

And that is not everything; these videos also act as an excellent educational tool. Through whiteboard animations, companies can deliver their message in a simple, educational, and entertaining way. Furthermore, these videos can convert a boring topic into a fascinating one. If you do not know what this type of marketing video is, you should not worry. We will go over all the details so you can leverage it for your next marketing strategy.

Is Whiteboard Animation The Right Animation Style For You?

Whiteboard animated videos are amazing. But that does not mean that something great will remain great in all situations. When we talk about whiteboard videos, we should consider that these videos make sense in specific scenarios. Here are some of the scenarios where you can effectively use whiteboard animation.

1. If Your Product Or Services Are Complicated

The concept of whiteboard animation is educational, by nature. These types of videos succeed when you are communicating complex and difficult to understand topics or information. Whiteboard explainer videos bring the experience of explanations with the help of a whiteboard to the modern age. Now, these videos are helpful in communicating your concepts and ideas in a brief and clear manner.

2. When You Have A Lot Of Information To Cover

Explainer videos serve a simple purpose: to communicate immense amounts of information in an easy to understand and short format. These videos add a visual presentation to the mix, which helps to comprehensively unpack concepts and ideas in a shorter time. You can produce longer videos through whiteboard animation and still hold your viewers’ attention for longer. These videos can mesmerize them with the help of dynamic and engaging graphics.

3. When You Want A Corporate Yet Lighthearted Tone

Whiteboard animated videos are equally vital and useful for B2B companies as well. In fact, these videos stand out even more when communicating corporate messages. Streamlined and clean-cut visuals balanced with a well-structured script immediately grabs the audience’s attention.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

How To Make Your Own Whiteboard Animated Video

Hand-Drawn Animation

The journey of making a whiteboard animation starts with a good video strategy. To make sure that your video will be effective, you need to gather some data from your customers. This data will shape your content and give you better insight on how to make an animated video.

The first thing you need to do is identify your target audience, your message, and if an animated video is effective in your industry. To determine the most effective approach, analyze the demographic of your target audience. Then, choose a topic that is informative and engaging.

Characters in an animated video spark empathy in your audience. This allows them to better relate to your business’s product or service. After finding your target audience, you need to model your characters, style, setting, situation, and tone accordingly.

You need to use this data to confidently produce whiteboard animation video that:

  • That speaks directly to your audience and resonates with their understanding.
  • Improve any concern and objections of your audience about the service and product you are advertising to your targeted audience.
  • You can publish on platforms and locations that yield the most impact on your videos.
Whiteboard video

How To Write A Whiteboard Animation Script

The next step in the process of producing your own whiteboard animation video is the script. The script plays a major role in storytelling and is an essential part of your video. All the other processes of your video will be ineffective if your whiteboard animated video has a weak script. So make sure your script is accurate and perfect in explaining the concept to the viewer.

There is a very simple approach to creating a whiteboard animated video for your business. Every script includes an introduction, your audience’s problem, their solution, and a call-to-action at the end.

1. The Introduction

In the introduction of your video, you can talk about the typical daily task that your target audience faces regarding your product or business. The business owner can be the person trying to sell the product online.

2. The Problem

Now we need to identify the problem that the viewers face when trying yo complete their task. A better way to do that is by pointing out the solutions and any restrictions while applying that solution. The problem must be serious about their profitability, efficiency, and operations, as well as a danger to their organization.

3. The Solution

After the audience understands the problem they are about to face or are already facing, you should bring in the solution. Explain to them in a way that your business or product solves the problem they are facing. Give reasons why your product is better than the competition. You should make sure that you are providing all the information that your audience needs to decide on your product and contact.

4. Call – To – Action

Now you should provide your target audience the next step to follow after watching the whiteboard animated video. Do not let them leave after watching the video, but ask them to do what you would like. You can share your contact details and ask them to contact you if they have any questions.

Whiteboard Video Company

Whiteboard Animation Visuals

1.    Create Storyboard Sketches

You need to visualize your script and draw multiple sketches that will compliment sections of the script. This would be your rough stage. You do not have to bring out your artistic skills and make something extraordinary. Instead, you just need to put your idea on the paper. Use colors to highlight the idea in a better way.

Although most whiteboard animations are black and white, you can add color to increase engagement and emphasize key points. By adding color to your animation, you are also getting more of their attention.

The next step is creating your storyboard. This is the same as creating a comic strip describing all the visual aspects and actions of the video. You should follow the script and draw the storyboard accordingly. Your storyboard should be a part of the whiteboard production process as it helps in organizing all the work that you will do afterward. You will also get a sense of pacing when you link the voiceovers and images. Use imagery so that your points are clear and explainable.

2.    Create A Professional Voiceover

Capturing the audio voiceover is really simple, as you already have a script. The thing that you need to consider is making the voiceover engaging, upbeat, and lively. If you can’t make the whiteboard animation video fun, we advise you to hire a professional for the voiceover.

It is important to make sure that your whiteboard animation video makes ample use of music and voiceover. Music and sound effects can enhance the power of your story and make the story feel a lot better. Adjust the volume of the sound effects, voiceover, and music accordingly.

For your voiceovers, always hire native speakers who fluently speak the language of your target audience. Professional voice actors also know how to tell stories and engage your viewers while delivering the necessary message. You should also focus on background voice, ensuring there are no unnecessary sounds throughout the video.

Final Stages Of A Whiteboard Explainer Video

1.    Recording The Video

While recording a video, you should remember not to rush through it. Always maintain the pace of your video according to your concept. The video isn’t live so you can have as many takes as you want. Besides, during the editing process, you will increase the playback speed of the video and merge the clips anyway.

2.    Editing Whiteboard Animation with Voiceover

In order to match the speed and movements of the visuals, you need to play the voice-over along with the sketching. This way, you can cut out unnecessary parts. If your clips are in different parts, arrange them with the help of editing software. Also, add your logo, watermark, and your brand’s name.

Your video is now complete, and you can launch it. Embed the video on your website and share it on all your social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and, most importantly, on YouTube.

Scribing Videos

Common Mistakes In Whiteboard Animation Production

When you watch a professional whiteboard animation video, you may feel like producing one is easy and straightforward. However, in reality, that is not the case. You may end up with mistakes in your video if you hire a whiteboard animation company lacking experience and skills. In that case here are some of the mistakes that you should consider:

1.    Whiteboard Animation Drawing Hand

This may feel odd and unimportant, but it is good to show the drawing hand in a whiteboard video. The video loses an essential element when you do not include the hand in your whiteboard animation. When you show a hand that’s drawing, it adds relatability to your video, which will help viewers better connect with the content. Hands may also be a distraction in your video. Therefore, it is best to consider the subject matter of your video as well as the audience.

2.    Using Colored Backgrounds

You cannot negotiate on the white background in the whiteboard animation video. You might have seen some companies replacing the white background with a different color, but believe me, that is a bad idea. Using white color offers a clean background, which allows the graphics and animations to stand out. Whiteboard videos can also contain a lot of text, so having a white background makes the content easier to read.

3. Whiteboard Animation Styles

It is all good to try experimenting and be creative with your video and following different styles. But extra creativity can ruin your whiteboard video. Keep in mind the best whiteboard animated video that you have seen. The clarity and simplicity of the video allow the audience to understand it better. Moreover, they don’t get distracted with complex visual elements when you use a simplistic style. If you want to make an amazing video, you should stick to essential aspects of producing a whiteboard animated video.

4.    Whiteboard Illustrations

Illustrations of whiteboard animated videos are very simple, which seem easy to create on your own. However, if you ask an artist, they will tell you just how hard it is to draw these simple designs. To make a clear, simple, and compelling illustration, you will need a high-skilled and experienced artist.

Top 5 Whiteboard Animation Companies

We are listing down top five whiteboard animation companies located in Vancouver right now:

  1. Creamy Animation
  2. Marant Media
  3. Animation Videos
  4. GoSmart Animation
  5. Mammothic Films

1.    Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is one of the best whiteboard animation video producing companies in Canada. There are a lot of good reasons why Creamy Animation is leading the industry. Here is why our company is successful:

  • We make 100% custom videos for every client.
  • The quality of the video is very high, beating other providers in the industry.
  • The price that we offer includes high-quality content with a guarantee of satisfaction.
  • The core of our whiteboard video production process is effectiveness, flexibility, and efficiency.
  • Along with producing amazing animation videos, we also offer a comprehensive marketing strategy for your video, which helps your business thrive.

We have worked with various local brands in Vancouver, such as Impark, HagTag, Primex, Candrug Pharmacy, BDC, and GoldCorp. You can contact these companies and ask about their experience of working with Creamy Animation.

2.    Marant Media

Marant Media provides full service in the field of video production. It is capable of producing everything from animations to live-action commercials. Marant media is currently serving various regions in Canada, such as Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and many others. The production company combines an investigating network and an in-house team of qualified artists and editors. Their team works hard to provide amazing services to its clients.

3.    Video It

In the Vancouver area, a company, Video It, is serving its clients with video animation services. The company specializes in producing corporate videos targeting various industries. These industries include healthcare, HR, and many other sectors. Other than animated videos, Video It also provides TV commercial services, e-learning, and training videos to their clients.

4.    GoSmart Animation

GoSmart Animation is a studio that creates animations offering 2D and 3D motion graphics and video animations. The company provides services in Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, and in various other cities.

5.    Mammothic Films

Mammothic is one of the leading video production companies in Vancouver. It specializes in making corporate videos for every step of the marketing cycle and corporate sales. The services of Mammothic films include training videos, video marketing, sales demo videos, corporate videos, documentaries, and explainer videos. Whiteboard animation services of Mammothic Films come from their sister company, Creamy Animation.

Whiteboard Animation Frequently Asked Questions

With years of experience under our belt, here are some of our customers’ frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to make a whiteboard animation?

It takes four to six weeks to create a one to two minutes whiteboard animation video on average. As explained in the above article, there are various steps to produce a whiteboard video. Some projects are straightforward and simple, requiring less time. If you want to convey a very complex topic, then developing the message will take longer.

How much does a whiteboard animation cost?

Making a high-quality, professional, custom-made whiteboard animation video will cost you between $3000 and $10,000. The exact amount of the video depends on its complexity, project details, and time involved in the production. You should always keep in mind that if you are making a long video, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will better translate the concept.

Similarly, if you are making a cheap video, this will negatively impact your business and show poor results. You need to balance quality and cost in order to make the right video at a reasonable price. You can contact us and discuss the budget for your video marketing campaign. We can also consult the best way to go about marketing to get the best results.

What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard works as a visualization of what the final video will look like. You can also consider the storyboard as a blueprint that lays out how the video will communicate its message. It is important to create a storyboard when making an animation video. The storyboards that we provide explains step by step scene sketches and a complete picture of what the video will look like.

How do you make a whiteboard animation video?

You can find the production method of creating whiteboard videos mentioned above. However, we can summarize it for you. It takes six to eight weeks in order to complete a high-quality video. During this time, we will work on scripting, illustrating, storyboarding, animating, and recording. We add additional value to the video by including professional voice acting and sound design.


Whiteboard animation videos play an important role as a marketing and educating tool. The style that this type of animation follows shifts the mood of your target audience’s mind into learning. On the other hand, the engaging characteristics of whiteboard make learning through this animation cool and simple. Videos made on a whiteboard style are useful in sharing ideas in a fun and engaging way with ease.

The content of the video plays an essential part in content marketing. This also plays as an effective marketing tool that you should use. If your company has the budget and an idea that will work well with your audience, choosing whiteboard animation will be a great idea.

When you follow above these easy steps, you will be able to create amazing videos that engage your customers no matter which industry you are in. You can find out how Mammothic Films helps in making whiteboard animation videos that are result-oriented.