Animation Styles

Here are some of the most common animation styles we use.

Animation Styles

Animation Styles We Work With

Animation styles used in TV and movie production takes us through immersive imaginary worlds full of excitement, danger and all kinds of emotion. Animation has also found it’s way into marketing and advertising where animated Ads help promote businesses and sell products.

3D and 2D animation styles are the most common styles of animation. While this is so, there are many more animation styles you can use to either tell your story or promote your business.

Animation in its simplest form is graphics placed in a sequence to create the illusion of motion. Traditionally, this was done by creative several drawings that change shape and position at a speed of 12 frames per second. With the introduction of animation softwares, the methods have changed and the quality of animation continues to improve.

While there are many animation styles available, the most common of these is motion graphics and animated cartoons.

2D Cartoon Style Animation

Cartoon style animation has for decades been used to tell stories that have captured our attention. It’s easy for people to connect with animated characters, relate to and remember the story being told. Where possible, we recommend using 2D cartoon styles in your videos.

You can use cartoon style animation videos to tell unforgettable stories about how your business idea or brand works in the real world. When used on landing pages and social media, the animated cartoon styles will convert remarkably better than text and static graphics.




Disability Rights Oregon


Robot Breakfast


Warner Brothers, AN


EZ Pet


Dairy Farmers of Canada

Creamy Animation

2D Motion Graphics Style Animation

There are different animation styles of Motion Graphics we can create. The motion graphics styles in their simplest description are animated infographics. This is the most popular of 2D animation styles used for explainer videos. Mostly because you can use it to present information in the form of stats, graphs, figures, and text.

Using a combination of images and graphics, data can be presented in an intuitive way that’s easier to consume in a short format video. Take a look at how other businesses have used motion graphic videos to communicate their message effectively. Contact us to find out what style would be best for your business or idea.






Copilot Ai




Western University


Dr. Bill

Creamy Animation

Whiteboard Style Animation

The whiteboard video is one of the most popular 2D animation styles and is great for creating storytelling videos that captivate the viewer with hand drawn animation. The ability to create amazing visuals without much animation opens up a world of opportunities to create rich visuals.

This style works well for educational videos and content that requires visually detailed graphics. The fast that its’ a low cost option, makes it a favourite for small business and those on a low budget. Find out more about how we can make a whiteboard video for you.

Oregon Dept of Education

Enviro Sustainability – COQ

Company Intro – YEU

Thermal Heating – Haakon

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