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Animated explainer videos that explain what you do, promote your business, tell your story, and everything in between.

Explainer Videos

Video Explainers for Business

Explainer videos are animated or live action video explainers that convey your message with simplicity and clarity. We make animated explainer videos that engage your audience, increase conversions, and boost your bottom line.

We’ve worked on hundreds of video explainers, ranging from sales videos, marketing, training, education, TV Ads, and video storytelling.

Let’s help you make explainer videos that are easy to understand and deliver the results you need.


Here are some of the animated explainer videos we’ve made for some amazing brands.
We’ll take any complex subject and condense it into a short explainer video.

Dairy Farmers of Canada


Warner Brothers

Disability Rights Oregon


Explainer Videos

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Maker

Explain What You Do

The are many benefits of explainer videos, and one of them is that they are the most effective way to explain what your business does. A quick 90 second explainer video engages your audience and conveys your message better than text on a website or other static graphics can.

Explainer Video Production

Educated Your Audience

Use a motion graphics explainer video to educate your audience on any subject using animated motion graphics or cartoon animations. Training videos increase information retention by more than 3 times when compared to traditional training methods.

Video Explanation

Simplify Complex Concepts

If you have an idea that’s too complex to understand, you’re more likely to get people to understand it with an explainer video. If you can explain your concept with animated graphics, you increase your chances of being understood.

Explainer Animation

Promote Your Business

A sales video is your best friend? Maybe not. But if the world is your market video should be your sales tool, because you can sell your product or service whilst you sleep, well, the video will. Not just any cheap animated video, but a professionally produced sales animation video.

What is An Explainer Video?

Corporate Explainer Videos

Corporate explainer videos are useful in telling a brand’s story. Usually, the animated video explainers will focus on telling brand-related stories like the history of the company, a business rebranding, the launch of a new office, how a business works, or other similar topics. Creating compelling corporate video explainers can help your business establish its brand.

Sales Explainer Videos

Sales explainer videos support sales efforts through impactful storytelling. Whatever your business sells, you can create a sales animation showing prospective customers why they should buy from you. Sales video explainers focus on closing sales, and so are often accompanied by additional sales material, a sales landing page, or other similar sales materials.

Explainer Videos

Education Explainer Videos

An education animated explainer video can help your company pass on educational material to a target audience. For example, you can create an educational video explainers to outline a math formula or a chemical equation. Education videos are an excellent option for schools, teachers, and other education professionals.

Training Videos

Training videos are a clear learning resource either for customers or employees. You can create a training explainer video that trains customers or users on how to use one of your products. You can also use a training explanation video to teach your employees specific skills like safety measures or customer care practices.

Corporate Culture Videos

Corporate culture is an essential part of brand building. An organizational culture explainer can help you define, share, and promote your corporate culture both within your company and externally.  Corporate culture video explainers are especially useful for rapidly growing companies that need to maintain a consistent corporate culture as they grow.

Marketing Videos

A marketing explainer is a useful marketing tool for any business. Since animation explainers are generally short, catchy, and memorable, you can inject these characteristics into your marketing efforts with a marketing explainer video. A marketing video is ideal for marketing both new and existing products and can be promoted through any marketing channel.

Demo Videos

Customers love demos. Creating a demo explainer video can capitalize on this. Demo video explainers are great for explaining the basics of your product or demonstrating a complicated part of a product. With an animated demo explanation video, you can give your customers a quick, informative, and memorable demonstration of your products or services.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Links a Problem to a Solution

Customers don’t buy products; they buy solutions. One challenge businesses face is how to demonstrate or explain the solution behind their products and services. Animated explainer videos excel at connecting a problem to a solution. When a customer watches the video, they see the link between their problem and how your product or service solves it for them.

Summarizes Your Product Benefits

Your product has features and benefits. Understanding the benefits is more useful to your customers. Creamy Animation’s animated explainer videos can help you summarize and present your product benefits concisely and memorably. Connect your products to your customers’ needs through a professional explainer video that summarizes your product benefits.

Adds Creativity to Dry Content

Although you have put a lot of work into your website copy, the truth is, very few people read it. An explainer video can help you plug this gap. Company explainer videos take dry, innate content and turn it into an engaging, entertaining, informative, and memorable story. Using a video explainers to support your web copy is essential to capturing more leads.

Video Explainers

Offers Easily Shareable Content

Animated explainer videos are typically short and easily shareable. If a prospect visits your website and wants to share your services with their boss, sharing the explainer video link can be useful. An easily shareable video explainers can increase the ease with which anyone can share your products or services with their network.

Can Be Used At Any Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

Explainer videos are easily customizable and so can be used at any stage of the buyer journey. You can choose to have one explanation video that demonstrates the entire value cycle of your product or break it down into steps. Whatever you choose, Creamy Animation can create a customized explainer video that matches your customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

Appeals To Both New And Existing Customers

In most cases, your new and existing customers have different needs. However, what they both have in common is a need to understand your business, products and services better. We can create for you a standard explainer video that appeals to both parties or separate explainers for each group.

Are flexible and easily adaptable

Explainer animation videos are easy to manipulate, adapt, and customize. Animated explainer videos are only limited by the level of creativity used. Such flexibility makes video explainers a fantastic option for businesses that want to tell their story creatively and memorably. Creamy Animation’s years of experience and deep experience can help create an explanation video your customers will never forget.

Animation Explainers Videos – Best Practices

Has A Quality Script

The best animated explainer videos have a well-written, original script. A quality script does not mean it has all the right grammar qualities and Pulitzer winning storytelling. Instead, an excellent explainer video script answers the right questions simply and compellingly. Creamy Animation scripting will ensure the right problems and solutions are addressed in your explainer video scripting.

Gets Straight To The Point

Video explainers do not beat around the bush. Quality company explainer videos recognize that the audience has little time to watch a long video and so focuses on getting to the point as quickly as possible. Creamy Animation 30 second animated explainer videos are short and sweet, so you capture your audiences’ attention for just long enough for your message to stick.

Targets The Right Audience

The best animated explainer videos target a specific target audience with a message that resonates with them. Here at Creamy Animation, we help you achieve this by creating detailed buyer personas. These personas represent your ideal audience. When we create your explainer video, we ensure it isn’t just a generic video, but one that will speak to your target audience.

Communicates Brand Value

Brand value is the essence behind your products and services. A great explanation video conveys this brand value through compelling use case scenarios and relevant storytelling. When your customers watch your explainer video, they come out not just knowing what you offer, but what you can do for them. Creamy Animation creates explainer videos that help your customers see how you make their lives easier.

Uses Strong Visual Cues

Creamy Animation creates video explainers that tell your story with powerful visual cues. We help your message stand out by using creative visuals that capture your audience’s attention and imagination. Instead of struggling to tell your story with hundreds of words, use an original animated explainer video from Creamy Animation to get your message across quickly and creatively.

Animated Explainer Videos

Leverages Fun And Humour

We bet some of the most memorable corporate and business video explainers you have watched were the funny ones. Here at Creamy Animation, we believe that just the right measure of fun and humour in a video explainer can make all the difference. Forget about boring slides and winding pages; a Creamy Animation explainer video will help you tell your story in a fun and humorous way.

Uses Engaging Music And Sounds

Engaging music and sounds are other hallmarks of a great company explainer video. Tied together with strong visuals, a great explainer video leverages the right sounds and music to offer a memorable, catchy, and attractive viewing experience. Creamy Animation taps into thousands of sounds and music stock to use just the right sound elements for your explainer animation.

Delivers Clear And Engaging Voice overs

We can’t get David Attenborough to do your explainer video voiceovers, but our voice talent isn’t far behind. We know great voice overs enhance the viewing experience, so we ensure all our voice talent is carefully picked. Getting the right voice over talent for your video is essential to creating a well-rounded, professional-sounding explainer video.

Tells You What To Do Next

Even the most creative business animation video is useless if it does not tell you what to do next. A great explainer video identifies a problem, then offers a solution and then shows you how to access that solution. This call to action is as important as the video itself. Creamy Animation helps you find the best call to action for your explainer video.

Inspires Sharing

“If they love it, they will share it.” That is our motto when creating explainer videos for our clients. We focus on creating lovable video explainers. What is a loveable explainer animation video? It’s a video that is so well-crafted that anyone watching it is inspired to share.

Types of Explainer Videos

Cartoon Animation Explainer Videos

Cartoon animation explainer videos are the most basic type of explainer videos. Cartoon animated explainer videos use cartoon characters to illustrate your story. Typically, a cartoon animation explainer will have cartoon representations of your ideal customer, the challenge they are facing, your business solution, and how your solution solves their problem.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Motion graphics explainer videos offer a more serious approach to animation explainers. Motion graphics explainers can be best described as graphics in motion. They utilize graphical elements to convey complex concepts. If you want to convey your annual results or some stats related to your solution, a motion graphics video is a great option. We’re a top motion graphics company and are ready to help create the video content you need.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard videos are all the rage these days. Whiteboard animation explainer videos show a hand drawing out explanatory graphics on a whiteboard with a narrator in the background. While simple in concept, whiteboard explanation videos can be used to explain complex and convoluted concepts in a step-by-step format.

Animation Explainer Videos

Live-Action Explainer Videos

Live-action videos use human characters to explain a concept. Although usually used for lengthier videos like tutorials, live-action explainer videos can be used to convey an explainer message within a real-world context. Such videos work best for situations where you want to use your staff or professional actors as characters in your explainer video.

Live-Action + Animation Explainer Videos

Live-action plus animation explainer videos add a layer of graphics to live-action videos. The result is a video where a human character is speaking on camera, and graphics and other animations appear beside them to illustrate what they are saying. Live-action plus animation explainer videos are great when you want to combine human storytelling with animation elements.

2.5D Animation Explainer Videos

2.5D explainer videos apply techniques like layering, morphing, shadowing, and perspective adjustments to give the 2D video a 3D look. 2.5D animation explainer videos are a great option for explaining or demonstrating multipart products like equipment, apparel, or electronics. Creamy Animation can help you leverage 2.5D animation explainer videos regardless of your products or services.

3D Animation Explainer Videos

3D animation explainer videos are a more complex and detailed type of explainer video used to convey complicated concepts. 3D animated explainer videos can also be used to simulate depth and virtual reality. Speak with Creamy Animation today to find out how 3D animation explainer video can help your brand simplify complex concepts for your audiences.

Video Explainers and How They Work

Brand, Product or Service Overview

New customers want to know what your business is all about. You have volumes of web content to explain this, but they don’t have the time to read it all. An animated explainer video fills this gap. By distilling your brand, product, or services into a short video clip, prospects can immediately know how your brand, products, or service can solve their problem.

Introduce New Products, Services or a Rebrand

Introducing something new is always tricky. What do you say, how much is too much and how little is too little? Company explainer videos help you solve this dilemma through cartoon characters, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and other animation styles. By leveraging audiovisual cues, we help you condense, simplify, and optimize your announcement for maximum impact.

Explain Complex Concepts Concisely

If you are struggling to explain complex concepts like mathematical formulas, product design, machinery components, or other similar concepts, an explainer video can help. Using 2D, 2.5D, or 3D video, we can help you summarize dozens of paragraphs of content into a short video that precisely captures everything you are trying to communicate.

Animated Explainer Video

Target Specific Personas

Text web content is notorious for being generic and speaking to everyone, and no one in particular. On the other hand, an explainer video can be tailored to target specific personas within your market.  We accomplish this by customizing explainer video characters and storyboards to the specific personas you want to target.

Share Short Tutorials and How-to Content

Your customers want to learn, but they don’t always have the time to watch lengthy tutorials. In such a case, you can either create short standalone company explainer videos or use them as summaries of more extended tutorial and how-to video content. The great thing is that explainer videos are flexible and can be customized to fit any option.

Support Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Short business animation videos are a must for any marketing and sales teams. Since they are short and easy to share, they make an excellent addition to any team’s marketing and sales collateral. Your team can embed them in emails, share them to social media, append them to ads, and so on.

How To Make An Explainer Video

Creamy Animation uses a collaborative and iterative animated explainer video production process. At every step, we involve you, so the final video is as much your creation as it is ours. Here is our animated explainer video production process breakdown:

Script and Concept

The script and concept are the foundation of any great explainer video. The rest of the elements, including graphics, animations, voiceovers, and so on, can only enhance the story concept and script. Our process starts by creating a compelling script and concept that highlights the video’s goals, story outline, entrance hooks, context, and call to action. We fine tune the script by testing it against buyer personas and reviewing it with you. The final script has everything required to create a great company explainer video.


We then move to storyboarding, where we translate the script into a set of rough-draft visual cards that show how the story unfolds. Each card represents a different step in the story and has drawings of what each scene will cover. Explainer video storyboarding is essential to the explainer video production process as it lays the groundwork for the video animation process.

Voice overs

Explainer video voice overs are the next step in the explainer video production process. At this stage, we find voice over talent that matches your brand. Finding the perfect match involves having several voice artists record a short clip from the script and then picking the one that resonates best with the brand. The selection process is done collaboratively with you.

Animation Explainer Video


Animated explainer video illustration is the graphics development step that creates all the final visual elements that will go into the animated video. Illustration creates everything you will see in the finished video. At this step, we can recreate the video storyboard with the final illustrations to show you exactly how the animated video will look.


Once you sign off on the illustrated storyboard, we move to the animation stage. Animating an explainer video involves using a combination of software tools, including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. With these tools, we add motion to the illustrations created in the previous step. The outcome of this step is a visually beautiful but incomplete video.

Sound Design

Sound design is the process of adding a layer of sound to the animated video. It involves the delicate art of matching sounds to video to create a cohesive audiovisual experience. At this stage, we also add in the voiceover sounds to add storytelling to the video.

Video Editing and Delivery

Finally, we take the business animation video through an editing process that cuts it down to the required length without compromising the story. Explainer video editing also involves video optimization for watching, sharing, and conversions. Once editing is done, we deliver the final copy to you in your preferred video format.

Explainer Video Costs

In-house Videos

Most Expensive – $100,000+ per year

In-house videos are a great option if you want to create animated explainer videos consistently. This option works best for larger companies that can afford to hire video animation talent like illustrators, animators, voice mixers, and so on. The cost of in-house explainer video production is tied to the cost of hiring this talent.

Do It Yourself Websites

Cheapest: $1 to $1,000 per month

DIY animation websites are also an option for animated explainer video production. While they are easy to use and are relatively inexpensive, the outcomes are mostly limited. Many DIY animation websites are cheap because they only offer you template-based animation options, which are a poor choice if you want a video that truly stands out.

Professional Custom-Made Explainer Videos

Balanced Cost: $5,000 to $50,000 per video

Working with a bespoke animated explainer video production company gives you the best value for money. When you work with an animated explainer video production company like Creamy Animation, you get the benefits of having an entire team of animation experts working on your video but at a fraction of the cost of hiring them full time. Find out more about video production costs.

Promote Your Explainer Video Online

Highlight On Homepage

The best place to promote your animated explainer video is on your website homepage. Since this is where most of your potential customers will visit, putting your explainer video here will make sure they have a good chance of watching it. Putting it on your homepage also acts as a conversion optimization tool because once someone watches it, they may be inclined to find out more about your business.

Embed in Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Your marketing and sales team will thank you for giving them an explainer video to embed in their campaigns. Repeatedly explaining the basics of your company to a new prospect can be challenging. An explainer video simplifies this by giving new prospects a short primer on your products and services before sending them more detailed information.

Optimize For Performance

Video optimization is a broad term that encompasses multiple goals. Two optimization goals we recommend are shareability and social embedding on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.. Shareable videos are short, lightweight, and easy to send via email, instant chat, and other media. Socially optimized videos use the right formats to upload to social networks with little loss to video fidelity.

Use Engaging Thumbnails

Video marketing effectiveness relies heavily on thumbnails to drive that initial engagement. Animated explainer videos that have creative and highly optimized thumbnails outperform other business animation videos. We help you create compelling thumbnails for your company explainer videos, so they perform better than other videos in your market.

Share Widely

Once your video is created and published, widely sharing it is the best way to get more people to see it. Once your animation video is uploaded to your website and social profiles, share it across your organization and email the links to your customer database. The more people that see your video, the more effective it will be in achieving its goals.

Measuring Explainer Video Success

You can measure company explainer video success in several ways. Here are the top methods we recommend:

View Count

Explainer video views is the gross number of times your business animation video has been viewed. This metric is measured by the number of times the video has loaded and the play button activated. (Not to be confused with the play rate below.)

Play Rate

Explainer video play rate is the number of times your video has been watched from start to finish. Play rate can also be marked as the number of times the video has been watched up until a specific timestamp.


Engagement metrics cover any actions a viewer takes while the video is playing. That could be replaying the video, saving it for later, or any other defined action.


Video shares are a powerful metric when understanding how effective the video is in grabbing a viewer’s attention. More shares are a strong indication of a well-made explainer video that is meeting its goals.


If you have embedded a call to action at the end of your video, click through rates are another important metric you should measure. You can also measure CTR for links related to the video.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the number of people who watch your video and then convert into paying customers/ users. Measuring CR requires connecting other tools to track users as they progress through the buyer journey.

Finding An Explainer Video Company

Creative Storytelling

There are many factors you need to consider when looking for an explainer video production company. These include previous work, production quality, execution of storytelling, just to name a few.

Research The industry

Do you research and know who exactly will be working on your video. Some agencies don’t any talent in-house and rely on outside vendors to deliver. While this is not always a bad thing, it can be hard to have a clear picture of of what to expect.

Experience Matters

Experience is a great teacher, but new kids on the block sometimes do hit it out of the park and get the job done. Being able to discover great potential can land you amazing results for your explainer video.