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We’re an explainer video production company with the passion to create storytelling videos that deliver engaging and compelling content.

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We create engaging and effective explainer videos

Explainer Video Services

Our animated explainer video production services deliver engaging video content for businesses and nonprofits. We make video explainers that engage your audience, increase conversions, and boost your bottom line.

We’ve created animated explainer videos for companies like Warner Brothers, Canonical, Fujitsu, Logitech, and Blockdaemon. We’re ready to get you started.

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Explainer Video Company

Make explainer videos that deliver your message with simplicity and clarity.

Use animated videos to tell authentic stories that make you stand out from the crowd. We help you captivate your audience and build brand awareness with animated videos that are engaging and deliver measurable results.

We use several animation styles such as motion graphics, whiteboard and cartoon animation to tell amazing stories that will captivate your audience.

As one of the top explainer video companies in USA and Canada, we’ve created hundreds of video explainers for businesses in technology, healthcare, for startups, SaaS companies, and other industries. We provide animation videos and live action videos that deliver quality video content.

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Animated Video Production Services

Our animated video production services deliver captivating video content for businesses and nonprofits. Below is a list of some of the services we offer, not are not exhaustive. Even if you have a specific video request not in this list, we’re ready to get it done.


Explainer Videos

Besides animation videos, we’re also an explainer video company for corporates and nonprofits. We can help you convey your value proposition with simplicity and clarity.


Training & Education Videos

Train your staff or educate your audience with short explainer videos. We make training and educational videos that make it easy to understand complex topics.


Corporate & Internal Videos

A corporate explainer video can help humanize your brand, increase brand visibility, and build trust with your customers and stakeholders.


Sales & Marketing Videos

Create sales and marketing explainer videos for business. Your sales team can use these videos as sales enablement tools in every stage of your communication funnel.


Product Explainer Videos

Make a product explainer video that will help you showcase your product to potential investors, and clearly demonstrate how your product works.


TV & Video Ads

TV Ads are a quick and impactful way to promote your business on mainstream and cable TV, or on video hosting platforms like YouTube and Hulu.


Animated Videos

Animation is the most intuitive way to communicate to your audience. While live action explainer videos are great, animation is a low-cost option and versatile.


Animated Music Video Services

Our animated music video services are a great alternative to live action videos. We provide animation services for musicians, corporate music, and jingles.


Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics explainer videos boost visitor engagement and inspire action. You can use motion graphics on your website, social media, and other digital platforms.

We’re trusted by top brands

Marketing Manager

From the start, Larry and team provided detailed guidance on the different stages of the project such as scripting, voice work, and illustrations. In the end, everything came together beautifully.

Head of New Product Introductions

Creamy Animation delivered excellent work that met the client’s needs and expectations. We were impressed with the turnaround time and quality of their work.

Jess Powell
Marketing Communications

Great experience working with Creamy! They produced a video for one of our marketing campaigns and nailed the final product. Very happy with the result.

What is An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are creative videos that explain your business and simplify complex ideas. We make high quality animated explainer videos for businesses and nonprofits. We clearly highlight your value proposition to drive conversions and brand visibility. Explainer videos have become a vital part of every company’s video marketing strategy.

While most video explainers use cartoon animation, they can either use live action video, whiteboard animation, stop motion, motion graphics, and other animation styles. Making a custom explainer video is a process that requires several creatives to handle concept development, script writing, storyboarding, design, animation, and voiceover.

To demystify the most common question, what is an explainer video?, we produced this one of two 60 second explainer videos.

Styles of Explainer Videos

Cartoon animation explainer videos are the most basic type of explainer videos. Cartoon animated explainer videos use cartoon characters to illustrate your story. Typically, cartoon animation explainers will have a cartoon the character as your ideal customer, the challenge they are facing, your business solution, and how your solution solves their problem.

Motion graphics explainer videos offer a more serious approach to animation explainers. Motion graphics explainers can be best described as graphics in motion. They utilize graphical elements to convey complex concepts. If you want to convey your annual results or some stats related to your solution, a motion graphics video is a great option.

Whiteboard videos are all the rage these days. Whiteboard animation explainer videos show a hand drawing out explanatory graphics on a whiteboard with a narrator in the background. While simple in concept, whiteboard explanation videos can be used to explain complex and convoluted concepts in a step-by-step format.

Live-action videos use human characters to explain a concept. Live-action explainer videos can be used to convey an explainer message within a real-world context. Such videos work best for situations where you want to use your staff or professional actors as characters in your video. Live-action plus animation explainer videos add a layer of graphics to live-action videos. The result is a video where a human character is speaking on camera, and graphics and other animations appear beside them to illustrate what they are saying.

2.5D explainer videos apply techniques such as layering, morphing, shadowing, and perspective adjustments to give the 2D video a 3D look. 2.5D animation explainer videos are a great option for explaining or demonstrating multipart products like equipment, apparel, or electronics. Creamy Animation can help you leverage this style of animation to showcase your products or services.

3D animation explainer videos are a more complex and detailed type of explainer video used to convey complicated concepts. 3D animated explainer videos can also be used to simulate depth and virtual reality.

Contact us today to find out how a 3D animation explainer video can help your brand simplify complex concepts for your audiences.

Explainer Video Maker

For over 14 years we’ve developed extensive experience as an explainer video maker for businesses, governments, and nonprofits.

Our team of creatives are ready to take on any challenge and bring your vision to life with video explainers that are unique to your business and brand. Select from the list of services we provide and find out how we can help you create explainer animations to achieve your goals.

A well-produced explainer video animation, together with a good video strategy, is the best combination for good return on your investment (ROI). Video on your landing page can boost website conversions by up to 80%. Leverage video with an animation production company that consistently produces winning video content.

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Why Partner with Creamy Explainer Videos?

Explainer Video

Creative Explainer Video Maker

Explainer video production that engages your target audience.

Since 2009 we’ve produced hundreds of video explainers for companies all over the world. We’ve polished our video production process, from script writing, storyboarding, and animation. Our collaborative approach keeps you in the loop at every stage to ensure the final animated explainer video delivers the results you need.

Animated Explainer Video

Passionate and results-driven

Visual storytelling that delivers your message with clarity.

As a video animation company our goal is to deliver result oriented video content. So, we take time to understand your business or idea, your purpose and target audience. Every stage of our video production process is designed to create explainer videos that are engaging.

Explainer Videos

Great ROI and cost effective

Convert followers into fans and prospects into customers.

Like they say, numbers don’t lie. Over 90% of businesses say that video is effective in helping people understand their value proposition. More than 50% of shoppers watch explainer videos and make a decision to buy based on the product video they watched. See our animation production process for more insight.

  • Demonstrate what you do with a short explainer video.

  • Help investors visualize what problem you solve and how.

  • Simplify complex concepts and make the easy to understand.

  • 50% more information is retained with explainer videos than text.

  • Marketing animation videos on your website boost conversions by up to 80%.

  • Use animated product videos to show off features and benefits.

  • Establish credibility through creative storytelling.

  • Leverage the power of explanatory videos to clarify your value proposition.

  • Train your team with animated videos so they understand things faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard 60 second explainer video takes 4-6 weeks to produce. This depends on the type of video we’re making, the style of animation, the length of the video, and other variables. Our high-end explainer videos require 6-8 weeks or more. We do offer rush projects depending on availability.

Our video production process kicks off with a video meeting to gather more information about your business, goals, and target audience. We then write a script, create storyboards, design the visuals, and produce the final animation. For more see our process page.

The costs involved in making an explainer video depends on several key factors. These include the level of production quality you need, the length of video, and style of animation. A typical explainer video can range anywhere from $2,500 – $20,000 or higher. Find more about video pricing for our video animation services, and  request a quote for your project.

Once the video is complete and agreed payments are settled you’re free take possession of your video content. At this moment you have full copyrights to use the video as you please. For paid advertising videos there may be usable-based fees for voiceover use.

Once we’ve agreed on the scope of the project and costs, we collect a deposit and kick off production. Request a consultation to get started.

Why you need an explainer video

Explainer videos are creative storytelling videos that explain complex ideas, highlight your value proposition, and everything in-between. Explainer videos have become a vital part of every company’s video marketing strategy.

While most video explainers use cartoon animation style, they can either use live action video, whiteboard animation, stop motion, motion graphics, and other video styles. Creating a quality explainer video is a creative process that requires several creatives to handle concept development, script writing, storyboarding, design, animation, and voiceover.

To demystify what an explainer video is and it’s important for your business, we created this 60 second explainer video.

Animated Video Production Process

Our animation production process is a collaborative and keeps you in the loop at every stage. We begin by meeting with your team to understand your business, target audience, and project goals. At every step, we involve you, so the final video is as much your creation as it is ours.

The script and concept are the foundation of any great explainer video. The rest of the elements, including graphics, animations, voiceovers, and so on, can only enhance the story concept and script.

Our process starts by creating a compelling script and concept that highlights the video’s goals, story outline, entrance hooks, context, and call to action. We fine tune the script by testing it against buyer personas and reviewing it with you. The final script has everything required to create a great company explainer video.

We then move to storyboarding, where we translate the script into a set of rough-draft visual cards that show how the story unfolds.

Each card represents a different step in the story and has drawings of what each scene will cover. Explainer video storyboarding is essential to the explainer video production process as it lays the groundwork for the video animation process.

If your video needs a voiceover, we then determine the type of voice that fits your message. We propose voice talent that matches your brand and with our guidance, you select the talent. Several voice artists may record a short clip from the script, or provide previous works, for the selection process.

The illustration stage is where we create the final graphics that will be used in the explainer animation.  We present you the style frames to give you a clear picture of what the final video will look like. This includes adhering to any brand guides that provide direction on the use of typography, color schemes, and logo presentation.

Once style frames are approved and illustrations are complete, we send everything over to the animator. Animating an explainer video involves using a combination of software tools that include Adobe Illustrator, After Effects,  Premier Pro, and others.

Explainer Animations

Benefits of explainer videos

Use an explainer video to explain what you do end reveal your value proposition easily. A quick 30 second explainer video engages your audience and conveys your message clearly.

Video explainers help you connect your customers’ pain points to your solution, and use captivating visuals to demonstrate how your solution works.

Use an explainer video to educate your audience on any subject matter. Videos increase information retention by more than 3 times more than traditional methods.

Animated explainer videos are typically short and shareable on many platforms. When you deliver content in video format you make it easy to spread your message to a wider audience.

If you have a complex product or idea you’re more likely to get people to understand it with an explainer video.

As an explainer video company, we turn dry and innate content into engaging and informative video content. Having an video explainer on your homepage wiill boost your conversions and bottom line.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online. With a professionally produced video and platforms like YouTube, you have the world as your market place.

If you’re able to reach a global audience you establish your brand in multiple markets and drive your sales through the roof.

Use explainer videos at every stage of the buyer journey or sales funnel. Create an high-level video about your business or product.

You then create short explainer videos that go into detail about the benefits of specific product features. These customized explainer videos will boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Animation Explainers

Animated video production tips

As an experienced explainer video maker, we value your goals, your audience, and make the best possible animated explainer videos that are result oriented. We help you create buyer personas that represent your audience. We then create an explainer video that will speak to your ideal specific demographic.

Effective explainer videos have a well-written, original script. A quality script does not need to be an award winning story. Instead, an excellent explainer video script answers the right questions in a compelling way. Our scripting addressed key factors and clearly articulates the message.

Great video content does not beat around the bush. Good company explainer videos are created with the knowledge that most people have very short attention spans.

Our 90 second animated explainer videos are short and sweet, so you can deliver your message in the shortest time possible..

Our video explainers are designed to tell stories with powerful visual cues. We help your message stand out by using creative visuals that capture your audience’s attention and imagination. Creative storytelling will get your message across better is relevant and relatable.

Communicating value is an important component of any marketing strategy. A great explanation video conveys this brand value through compelling use case scenarios and relevant storytelling. When your customers watch your explainer video, they come out with full knowledge of your offering.

Explainer Video Animation

Ways to promote your video online

Embed the video on your homepage

The best place to promote your animated explainer video is on your website’s homepage. Since this is where most of your potential customers will visit, so embedding your explainer animations there will make sure they have a good chance of watching it. Using video on landing pages can boost your conversions by more than 50%.

Your marketing and sales team will thank you for giving them video explainers to improve their sales process. Repeatedly explaining the basics of your company to a new prospect can be challenging. An explainer video simplifies this by giving new prospects a short primer on your offering so they can take the next to engage you.

Optimize your video for search engines

Video optimization is a broad term that encompasses multiple goals. Two optimization goals we recommend are shareability and social embedding on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Socially optimized videos use the right formats to upload to social networks with little loss to video fidelity.

Video marketing effectiveness relies heavily on how you optimize your video for views. Create eye-catching thumbnails that attract more clicks. Animated explainer videos that have creative and highly optimized thumbnails outperform other videos.