Quality Hand-Made Videos

Make animated videos that will stand from the crowd, drive your message home, and deliver great results.

IPGOBox – Manufacturing

IPGOBox is an intuitive platform that helps you manage your shipping boxes and keep your packaging inventory well stocked. This character animation video details the value of having a self-serve box management system that’s efficient and reliable.

CoPilot – Tech Startups

Responsible for lead generation or revenue growth? Follow along with CoPilot Ai’s demonstration of its digital platform that steers you towards your ideal prospects. The video shows the platform’s how-to process, which offers a strong marketing advantage.

EZPet – Retail

EZPet is the one-stop shop for all your pert business needs. It makes it easy for pet store owners to access pet supplies without the pain of sourcing direct from manufactures. What better way to talk about pets than feature the pets themselves.

Blockdaemon – Blockchain Tech

In this project, the goal was to create an about us video to clearly communicate what Blockdaemon is and what they do. About us videos are a great way to show your customers what problem you solve and accentuate your value prop.

Motion Graphics

Disability Rights Oregon – Non Profit

We partnered with Disability Rights Oregon to help advocate for access to affordable prescription drugs. This cartoon animation tells the story what what Oregon residents go through, and how you can help keep prescription drugs in Oregon affordable.

ME Company – Retail

This explainer video shows how ME, an interactive personal shopping app, helps online shoppers virtually try on clothes before they buy. If you ever bought clothes online that didn’t fit, this could be a perfect fit.

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Farming

This is one of the series of animations we produced on what Dairy Farmers of Canadian are doing to reduce waste and its impact on the environment. This is an eye opener on how the industry is working to help fight climate change.

Warner Brothers – Tech

We teamed up with the guys at Warner Brothers to help tell the story of what Advanced Narratives is all about. Superheroes, Millennials, Gamers, all come together to articulate this narrative.

Assurance Wilson – Finance

We’re always looking for ways to improve our storytelling skills. This challenging project was truly and step forward. Wilson Insurance & Financial Strategies gives you more control of your money.

Makers Making Change – Non Profit

We helped Makers Making Change provide an overview of how you can volunteer to make assistive devices for people with disabilities. What better way to explain it than to infuse some cool animated characters.

Dr. Bill – Healthcare

Meet Dr.Bill, a simplified and pain-free tech platform that handles medical billing for medical professionals. Using video to highlight a significant pain point with a proposed solution to clients is a great marketing technique.

Western University – Education

We partnered with Western University to develop a series of four animated educational videos on Career Planning. The explainer videos were used as training tools to help students understand the fundamentals of choosing the right career path.

Brady Corporation – Manufacturing

Unplanned tech outages due to human error are a thing of the past with Brady Corporation’s active digital signature solution. Watch this video to see how Brady Corp’s solution helps you mitigate looses due to cable failure and decommissioning of cables.

Empowered Startuppers – Education

We used video to showcase Young Empowered Startuppers’ accessible and award-winning education-technology platform. The startup delivers a state-of-the-art entrepreneurship curriculum that caters for teachers and students in high school.

Motion Graphics