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How much does animation cost?

Explainer video production costs explained

The cost of an explainer video depends on variables such as the style of animation, video length and production value.

While you can find cheap DYI options, creating a custom video that delivers exceptional results requires a team of creatives. Our goal is to help you develop a creative strategy and concept, write a compelling script, draw storyboards, design high quality illustrations, voiceover, and deliver a video that will help you achieve your goals.

Explainer video costs can range anywhere from $2,500 – $25,000 or more. The final costs depend on the style of animation,  video length, and the production quality you’re looking for.

What’s involved in making a video?

Creating a quality video that delivers good results requires a well thought out video production process, and a creative production team. To help you understand what our video production costs are based on, here’s what a typical production team looks like. In smaller studios the roles tend to overlap.

  1. Producer/Director: Overseers the creative aspect of the project.
  2. Story Lead: Works with producer to develop the story and write the script.
  3. Storyboard Artist: Interprets the script through creative storyboard sketches.
  4. Voiceover Artist: Provides the voice that determines the tone of the message.
  5. Illustrator (1-3):  Creates the final illustrations that will be used in the animation.
  6. Animator (1-5):  Create the motion graphics and character animations.
  7. Sound Designer: Composes the music and creates sound effects (SFX)

A well produced video in combination with a good video marketing strategy, will pay for itself in the long haul. To make your life easy, we’ve made the cost of video production easier to understand with simple video production rates.

Entry Level Video Production Costs : From $2,500

The explainer video pricing for entry level projects start from $2,500, based on the scope of the project, animation style, and length of video.

Our entry level videos use motion graphics animation and whiteboard video styles. The final video production costs depend on the project scope, video length, and the production value you need. We’re more than an animation studio.

We identify your audience’s needs and develop videos that connect with them on a personal level, while delivering information that is both compelling and memorable.

Entry-level videos take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to create. The production process involves script writing, storyboard development, illustrations, animation, voiceover, up to the final finished video. We’re open to rush projects, if we have the availability. Get started with a free quote.

Standard Video Production Costs : From $5,000

Standard explainer video costs start from $5,000, depending on factors such as project scope, complexity, and video length.

Our standard videos are great for creating animated video with higher production value visuals and animation. The higher budget allows us to spend more time creating more polished explainer videos. Our production team consists of designers and animators with decades of industry experience to deliver the quality you expect. Our pricing structure is transparent with no hidden costs. All our videos are custom made to match your brand and business goals.

Standard videos take about 6-8 weeks in production. As a full-service animation studio, we handle every stage of production while incorporating your feedback throughout the process. Rush projects are accepted based on availability.

Explainer Video Price
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High-end Video Production Costs : From $8,500

High-end productions start from $8,500, depending on factors such as project scope, production quality, attention to detail, and video length.

Our high-end video productions deliver compelling video content with aesthetically pleasing visuals. The bigger budgets give us the flexibility to explore all available options and create the best video possible. We use frame-by-frame animations consistent with industry standard high quality video content.

Frame-by-frame animations are created by drawing multiple illustrations then placing them on a timeline, to simulate the illusion of motion. This is time-consuming and requires a highly skilled illustrators and animators to achieve excellent results.

High-end videos take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to produce. From script writing, storyboard development, illustrations, animation, voiceover, to final finished video. Rush projects for high-end videos can be accepted, where possible.

Explainer Video Cost
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Explainer Video Pricing

The explainer video cost for our entry level videos is designed to accommodate projects that require professional custom video content on a modest budget. By providing variable video production costs, we’re able to create a good balance between cost and value.

If you’re a Startup on a small budget, a medium size or large corporation with greater flexibility, we guarantee the best quality video content for the price. Our production costs are never 0ne-size-fits-all.

Knowing your budget range saves us both time, so we don’t create a proposal beyond what you’re willing and able to spend.

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What We Guarantee …

  • Great quality video content

  • Everything is custom made, no clipart.

  • Fixed pricing with no hidden costs

  • Updates at every stage of production

What We’ll Deliver…

  • Develop a concept and video script

  • Create Storyboards and Illustrations

  • Create engaging animation

  • Deliver a quality compelling video